Wood art carving, preparation of mezuzot and holy ark, elegant boxes for the Book of Esther and the Song of Songs, vases, sculptures and pictures of all types of wood. Apart from ready-made samples, I also prepare models for your personal order.

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You are at the site of a designer and craftsman of elite furniture, master of artistic woodwork Igor Kredentser. He is a forest engineer by education and profession but in Israel he was unable to utilize his skills and work experience in that capacity. In Russia he was in charge of forestry as large as 1,000 hectares or 14,000 dunams. Since childhood he has been interested in artistic woodwork. Later he worked on diversified projects at an art studio. Now he works at a furniture factory where he designs and makes furniture from solid wood, vases, and sculptures.You will be able to see it all on this site.Welcome to our museum.